Bag This Bag Before It Sells Out!

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I know, Dorinda, my love, I know! But if I don’t tell the people about the fashion, who will?

I’m sure once you see this mini-coolness with your own 2 eyes, you’re totally going to understand why the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Mini Hobo Crossbody Bag deserves a post that can be read and remembered forever and ever, or at least until the bag sells out or WordPress folds. Whatever comes first.

However, in the meantime…

Photo by @nmhandbaggal

See? Told ya so.

The Valentino Garavani Rockstud Mini Hobo Crossbody Bag ($1695) is made from gorgeous pebbled Italian NAVY leather, and also comes in PINK, BLACK, and LIGHT BEIGE. 

This badass Rockstud Mini Hobo Crossbody Bag is accessory and spinal nirvana for date nights, GNOs, concerts, museums, movies, parks…ok, now I’m just listing things I do that would be a million times better with a mini that holds essentials-phone, wallet, keys, gloss-but won’t send me to the chiropractor.

Photo by @nmhandbaggal

Ok, fine, I’ll admit, a few trips to the spa for a massage skeletal beatdown might be a little cheaper than the bag, but that whole beauty-is-pain-pain-for-beauty thing is BS (Oh, yeah, I completely believe that. That’s why I wax, pluck, shave, bleach, file, stitch, cut…I mean, practice what you preach much, Jo?) But it’s a total mini-bag-bucket-list must-have. It even has a removable strap that you can change out as often as you change your mind about whether or not you should buy another handbag. And you should and it should be this one. Eh, I know, I know. I’m a bad influence.

But that, my friends, is something I’m more than happy to put that in writing for anyone to read.


For more info about the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Mini Hobo Crossbody Bag, contact @nmhandbaggal.

*Sadly for me and my handbag fund, I have not been paid by anyone, nor received any special gifts in exchange for this post. I just really like handbags. And Real Housewives. Especially those who make it nice.  


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