Getting Ready for Camp

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Tastes Like Chicken Comic by Josh Alves

My baby is going to overnight camp for the first time this summer. And I’m freaking.

I’m all for her going. She’s going to love it and she’s totally ready. But still, she’s my little girl, so all I can do to calm myself is buy tons of shit that hopefully will make her remember how amazing her mama is because she loves her so much and gives the best hugs in the whole world feel comfortable while she’s there.

Because, you know, when you’re spending a small fortune to give your child the summer of her dreams, she certainly deserves to have brand new everything…with emojis on it!

Whatever. Don’t judge.

Here is some of the ‘honey-I-had-to-get-it-for-her/but-she-needs-it’ stuff I’ve found so far:

This soft and squishy s’more attracts hugs, not bugs.

amores, chocolate, marshmallow, campfire, summer
Squishy Squad S’mores Kitty Pillow $30 at Top Trendz

Keep that gorgeous face protected from the hot summer sun with vintage-inspired baseball hats that are totally trending, I mean, trendy. #lovethesevintagehats

Vintage Baseball Hat $25 at Malibu Sugar

It makes me hungry, it’s cozy, and it’s true. Camp friends DO rule. 

So Campy Best Friends Hoodie
So Campy Best Friends Hoodie $44 at So Campy

Sign on to be CF4E (That’s camp friends forever, MOM. Come on!!!) 

camp, friends, kids, summer, pillow, case, emoji
Autograph Pillowcase Camp Friends $15 at CampStuff4Less

Her toiletries will get a complete makeover in this smiley face case. 

Emoji Collage Large Cosmetic Bag $23.40 at Iscream

‘Cause it gets cold in the woods and I’ve got a cutie to keep warm…

Made with Love and Kisses Light Pink Milk and Cookies Plush Jumpsuit $108 at Frankie’s on the Park

In a sea of plain duffles and trunks, this bag totally stands out, and it’s like, super cute. It comes in two different sizes so go ahead and slip that extra sequin throw pillow in. You little sneak, you!

Black Patches 42 Inch Full Trunk $118 at Denny’s

Style the head of her bunk with this softer-than-I-don’t-know-what plush pillowcase that says it all–peace, love and CAMP!

i heart camp sham
I Heart Camp Sham $38 at bee bee designs

Sit around the campfire in style in this personalized airbrushed Crazy Creek chair. It has HER name written all over it.

Airbrushed “Crazy Creek” Camp Chair $79 at Camprageous

Just in case her little tootsies aren’t quite ready for the freezing cold floor of a cabin first thing in the morning, there’s always this cool, but not cold, fun floor mat. 

Corey Paige Floor Mat $32 at Malibu Sugar




One thought on “Getting Ready for Camp

  1. You’re awesome. I miss you. What camp? Addison went to 3 nights of CHI last year with a bunch of Bzaeds kids. She is going for spring break for 3 nights and for 4 weeks this summer. And those $108 pajamas? Do they make those in my size? LOL 💕💕💋💋

    Make lots of plans while they are gone and enjoy every minute!!!!!


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