Oh Dear, Why Can I See Her You-Know-What?!

I’ve been spending time online looking for a fun-in-the-sun wardrobe for an upcoming trip to Sunny Land. Since I only get to leave the nasty Chicago winter weather for one week out of the whole season, I’m going to dress the part.

In my search, I’ve come across some fab new sites that I promise to share shortly, however in the meantime, I couldn’t wait to post the fresh hell that I found on Neimanmarcus.com tonight. While searching through Swimwear & Coverups, I found this little slice, I mean, literally:

Neiman Marcus, cover up, swimsuit, resort, vacation
Does that come in camel?

When I showed him, my husband’s question was something like, couldn’t Neimans have done something to prevent that from looking so, uh, camel-toe-y in the picture.

My answer to him was something like, um, I’m pretty sure the company that offers fantasy holiday gifts like trips to space, can probably afford on-staff stylists who know how to avoid MAJOR, can’t look-away-from-it C-toe.


My favorite part is that the description of the romper focuses on the low-cut neckline. I feel fairly confident that the one person who buys this will not have to worry about anyone checking out her boobies. It will, however, be the first time a woman has ever had to say, “eyes up here,” and be talking about her vagina, so maybe that’s the sales pitch? I don’t know.

Just in case you want to get your own, click here and please send pics so I can make fun of you for the rest of your life. Shine on!

#resortwearFAIL!!! #omghowmanybubbiesinbocahavethis? #pleasemakeitstop #thisiswhyonesiesarefornewborns


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