Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: You binged it. Now what?

I Love Netflix The people have spoken: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is frigging awesome! But now that “the people,” aka. you, have binged it within a matter of days, what’s next? Here are a few of my Netflix Picks (Netflix Pix? It’s almost annoyingly cute.): If you love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, it’s probably because you were a Rock 30 fan, so you’ve already watched that, right? RIGHT?! OK, if you haven’t, please do before we meet again. If you have, terrific, and check out Portlandia, Shameless, Californication or Undeclared. If you are desperately missing the ladies from Orange Is The New Black like I am, check out the Australian version called Wentworth or my favorite biker soap opera (and most likely the only) Sons of Anarchy. Want a drama? Yes, I know Scandal and Parenthood are everyone’s everything, but there are tons of dramatic series that are soooo worth blowing off your family for! For instance, try House of Cards, Lilyhammer, The Riches, or Twin Peaks (because it’s returning on Showtime in 2016, so you’re going to a refresher on who killed Laura Palmer.) I L.O.V.E. a good horror show, which is why I heart Sundays, cause that’s when the zombies come out! Yay Walking Dead!!! I even watch Talking Dead so I can get a recap immediately following each episode. Talking Dead is like Watch What Happens Live but thankfully Jax will never, ever be on it. I’m truly jealous of people who haven’t watched the series yet, it’s that incredible, however if zombies eating humans isn’t your thing (weirdo! You, not me,) try The Following, Dexter, or The Killing. Of course, those are all people killing people, but everyone likes their horror served up differently and I say, to each their own. Check out what’s on my must-watch list:

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Marco Polo Parks and Recreation The League Bloodline (So excited about this one!) Peaky Blinders

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