New Shape: Studio Lagree

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Forget religion. I’ve recently accepted exercise into my life. Ahhhhhhh…

It’s not completely my fault. I wasn’t exactly raised on fitness. In my family, walking the dog was consider a major calorie burn, so “sweating it out” was something I thought you did when you didn’t know the answer on a test, not something you did with free weights. Sorry mommy* and daddy, you’re perfect in every other way, and you’re both incredibly smart and beautiful inside and out.

We’re good, right?

So, when I was invited to check out Studio Lagree in Lincoln Park, I jumped at the chance.

Ok, I’m lying.

I actually procrastinated and I’ll explain why. I started running not too long ago. I’m not that good at it, but considering my lungs once put me in a coma, and there was a time when my legs didn’t work that well, I’m pretty proud to say that I ran (/walked) my first 5K this November for the Lynn Sage Cancer Research Foundation and there were plenty of people who came in after me. There were many more people before me, but still…

Despite my so-so running and over-all exercising abilities, I was a little nervous to try Lagree. Why? Well, I always do my research–look over the company’s website, talk to people, etc.–and on their site were testimonials. I LOVE testimonials!

I especially love celebrity testimonials because I’m fascinated by celebrities, so when I read Courtney Cox’s that basically said the class kicks her wonderfully-toned-and-constantly-worked-out body, I couldn’t for the life of me imagine how the f*&% I was going to get through it!

I’m just Jo. I’m no Cox. (Kind of thank G-d because that nickname is the worst!)

Then I thought, if Monica Geller-Bing, the former Big Fat Goalie, could do it, I could do it too! I went to class, fueled by Starbucks, the drink of pro athletes everywhere, prepared to do my competitive best, which is pretty darn competitive. I have this thing where I am determined to be the “best” person in any workout class. I can’t tell you what the “best” is–maybe I was hoping that Sebastien Lagree, creator of the Megaformer, would pick me out of the crowd and give me a lifetime contract as the face of Lagree because I could do every exercise perfectly? Maybe he’d tell me he was quitting and handing over the entire business to me because he couldn’t compete with my form? Considering I have,

1. No interest in owning a fitness company…

2. No interest in putting the man out of business…

I’m not sure what I was competing for, but in my mind, I wanted to “win” whatever “it” was.

BTW, it was an #epicfail, but #whitegirlgaveitherall.

Walking into Lagree was a bit intimidating but exciting because they showed me to this lovely machine, a M3 Megaformer that tricked me into thinking that the class might not be too hard because it had so much comfy padding.

Lying exercise machine!

Despite the deceptive contraption they put me on, the staff and owner couldn’t have been kinder and they had more than enough trainers in the class to make sure I was always in the proper position, using the machine correctly and feeling stable during the reformer/cardio/core strengthening exercises. They also provided a stability bar for peeps like me who can get a bit wiggly in the beginning. The moves weren’t too difficult to get into, and while you could determine the level at which you wanted to perform each exercise, you really couldn’t coast thru this class. But why would you want to?

Every muscle was used, even the ones I didn’t know I had in underneath the ones I was using! Or maybe they were behind some of the ones I use on occasion but whatever. I felt it the next day…and the day after that…and the day after. And then it didn’t hurt anymore. And strangely, I actually craved the classes the minute I left. That doesn’t happen to me with exercise, but I can’t wait to go back. Maybe because it was a challenge that I know I have to work up to and that I know I’ll get without a doubt, but mainly because I know that after a short period of time in this class, I’m going to look killer.

And with a body like Court’s, I’m kind of looking forward to showing off come summer.

*A hearty mazel to my mom who has recently also accepted exercise into her life. She’s praying to The Bar Method gods in Highland Park and is already looking amaz-ing. Keep it up, Mama Yo!

2 thoughts on “New Shape: Studio Lagree

  1. Wish I had that reaction to exercise. Every time I work out, I say to myself, I must be trying to kill myself!! Good for you.

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