Jason Segel Says I Can Be 39 For 5 More Years. So I Love Him Even More Now.


I interviewed Jason Segel on the phone today. You know, Marshall, the adorable guy from How I Met Your Mother. Of I Love You, Man. Or the sweet, child-at-heart man who wrote and starred in The Muppets. The one who voices Vector in Despicable Me. The trainer in This is 40, aka. Jason, who played the same role in Knocked Up? One of my favorite freak and/or geek in Freaks and Geeks?

You know who I’m talking about. And before you ask, yes, he was just as sweet and smart and funny and adorable as you’d imagine…and yes, I know I’m married.

I also recognize that Jason is most likely not interested in a middle-aged mom with two kids who drives carpool and wears Gap jeans, even if they are the skinny jeggings and paired with Fendi boots. As far as Jason’s concerned, all of my jeans are mom jeans. This is my truth.

But I have a movie star-crush on this particular actor and it took everything not to come out and tell him. That would not have been professional.

Ok, maybe I did kind of gush a bit but more in an yenta way, than a Tiger Beat way, so I know for certain I did not freak him out.

I can say this much, Jason Segel is not sitting at home writing a blog post about me right now. I am actually willing to bet money that Jason Segel hung up the phone after our interview and immediately forgot my name. But that’s ok, because he’s busy (and handsome and tall) and I got to interview him. For work, of course. I’m not a weirdo, people. My job required me to speak to Jason on the phone and ask him all kinds of questions. I know. My job freaking rules.ilovejason-250x250

I learned a lot about Jason that you’ll have to read about in my article on RedTricycle when it comes out in a few weeks but here’s a teaser…after telling Jason that I’m 39 during some pre-interview conversation, he told me that he’s learned that I can be 39 for as long as I want.

I mean, how sweet is that? My husband, who is the love of my life, would definitely tell me to own my 39 years–and to gracefully admit to the next one that’s looming. “39 is 39, and you can’t escape 40,” I’m going to assume he’d say.* (You know you would, my sweet love. Who are we kidding?)

However my pretend boyfriend, Jason, feels like if I never want to hit the big 4-0, I’m not hurting anyone. I’ll admit, I’ve never run from numbers before, but Jason makes me feel like I might as well and considering I had to buy reading glasses this week, I think I’m going to stay 39 for as long as Jason said I could.

So it just felt right when I asked him…

“Are you trying to make me like you more than I already do, or what?”

He laughed. Jason Segel laughed at my joke.

Talk about a meet cute!

ilovejason-250x250*For the record, my husband is the only person I’d ever make up pretend quotes for. All other persons are quoted with complete accuracy. As my husband would probably say, “I’m pretty sure I never said that.” Oh, I love him so much!

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