Blazin’ Up Some ‘Za

Pizza, fast food, individual pizza, chicago pizzaI would love to be able to be a big fast foodie but then I’d literally be a HUGE fast foodie, and I wouldn’t be able to wear the clothes I love and that would suck. I’d rather be a medium-ish fashionista than an extra-large taco poorly-dressed belle. However…

cheese pizza, Chicago pizza, thin crust, healthy pizzaEvery so often, a terrific food fast (instead of fast food) restaurant comes along that I have to try.

It doesn’t mean that it’s unhealthy. Actually, the one that my family and I ate at recently was neither unhealthy, nor derailed my quest to become invisible in the Neiman Marcus mirrors.

It’s called Blaze Pizza on Belmont in Chicago and it’s awesome!

Where else can you get a thin crust pizza with exactly the toppings YOU want on it, with the amount of sauce, as well as the type of sauce, the amount of cheese (as well as the TYPE of cheese), meats, etc., etc. in 180 seconds?

Honestly, I can’t think of much I can get in 180 seconds. It takes 45 minutes to get a no-chip manicure. It takes a lifetime to get psychotherapy (probably 2 lives for the amount I need!) And regardless of how much I say, “please, for the love of all that’s holy, HURRY UP,” it still takes my children at least 15 minutes to get out of the house for school every morning.

So to say that I was excited to see my pizza be prepared and baked in just a couple (and I mean a couple—not an exaggerated Jewish girl’s timeframe) of minutes, it was like being in dinner nirvana for this constantly-trying-to-rush-everything-mom.

I just needed the win, you know?

My kids didn’t even have enough time to ask for their iPads before my husband got to the table with piping hot, individual pies, which we also put down in a matter of minutes.

And I have to give Blaze Pizza major props—they are not all about speed—my pizza tasted delicious too! I had the spicy tomato sauce, which I learned is made with jalapeño peppers and garlic, and mozzarella cheese, which is shaved into ribbons so it lays properly atop the pie (trust me, it makes a difference), as well as mushrooms, black olives, and fresh spinach. Here’s the best part—don’t like my picks? Calm down! You can get yours just how you want it and no sharesies.

spinash pizza, mushroom pizza, fast food, chicago pizza
This was my pick…yum!

Another gold star? They offer vegan, vegetarian, and allergy safe options*, so you’re really going to have to search for a good excuse to skip this place, unless, of course, you simply don’t like pizza, and then, I simply don’t get you.

Oh yeah, and we were told that a typical cheese pizza is approximately 600 calories. Not too shabby for my flabby!

Finally-and this my is by far my favorite part-as you walk down the assembly line, the people who work at Blaze are actually polite. Yes, I’m serious.

They have a company philosophy that is based on being kind to their customers. I know, it’s shocking, but it’s true…they actually value the people who come through their doors. And they actually love regular customers, diverse crowds, kids—everyone and anyone.

And did I mention that they also have s’mores pies? No, I didn’t. Because I’m selfish and I don’t want them to run out before I get back there, so save a few for me. After all, marshmallows are fat free. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it—regardless of what the mirrors at Neimans say.

*Contact Blaze about potential cross-contamination if you have allergy concerns before eating as I am a blogger, not a medical researcher.

Disclosure: I was offered a meal at Blaze, however the opinions and calories are my own. 

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