The Day Julianne Moore Called Me To Talk About Her New Project: Freckleface Strawberry Dreamtime Playtime

Julianne Moore, Golden Globes, apple store, iPad, iPhone
Julianne Moore and daughter Liv Freundlich
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Last Thursday was pretty major for me. Julianne Moore was launching a new digital app and I had been asked to cover it.

So there I was sitting in my friend’s kitchen, waiting to interview a major movie star over the phone and I’m not going to lie, I was nervous. I certainly wasn’t prepared for Julianne Moore to call my cell directly. So when an unknown number popped up on my phone, I answered it, assuming it would be one of Ms. Moore’s people. However, proving she’s as down-to-earth as I had hoped, this happened…

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hi Jo? It’s Julianne Moore! How are you?

(HOW AM I??? Well, I’m dying because you, amazing Julianne Moore, called me, plain, old Jo Aaron. The mom who just dropped off her two kids at preschool, and is now sitting in a friend’s kitchen, playing on my iPhoto because I forgot to ask for her wi-fi password. I’m worried I’m going to sound like an idiot or ask you a question you won’t like. What if I stupidly call you Demi? Why didn’t I think to use the restroom before the call? I’m also worried about finishing on time because I have to pick up my kids at school because parking over there is tough and it’s freezing today so I don’t want to make them walk too far to get to the car…oh, the stress!)

ME: I’m great! It’s so wonderful to speak with you! Thank you so much for your time…

Turns out, she was impossibly easy to talk to so we chatted about everyday stuff like the freezing cold weather here in Chicago and out in NYC, where Moore lives with her 2 kids and husband; how it’s hard to do the urban commute when the temps drop so low; and that while she was thrilled to win last year’s Golden Globe, she was eager to hop a flight home to NY so she could catch her son’s basketball game.

Of course that last one was more her than me, because I do not have a Golden Globe. On the other hand, I definitely appreciate how important it was to her to be present for her child. After all, good parenting is a universal concept for those of us that believe in it.

Ultimately, we discussed Moore’s new app, Freckleface Strawberry Dreamtime Playtime. It’s the actress and author’s second app based on her best selling Freckleface Strawberry book series. This app is intended for kids 4 and up to help them build their math skills through fun games. The main character is voiced by Moore’s beautiful look-alike 11-year-old daughter, Liv Freundlich, and she does a fantastic job. We talked about whether or not Liv has aspirations of following in her mom’s silver screen footsteps.

“I don’t know, she’s just 11, so she [Liv] has lots of different interests. She takes piano and she sings, and I think she likes acting. She also loves fashion right now, but she’s 11 years old. When I was 11, I wanted to be a museum curator, so not that we always know. But she did such a great job as the voice. She’s so adorable, and approachable, and real as the voice. That’s what I love about it. She’s a real little girl. That’s when they [children] listen—when they know they’re listening to a child, rather than an adult doing a child’s voice,” Moore told me.

She couldn’t have been more correct. My own daughter had a blast playing with the app. Each time she got a correct answer, Freckleface Strawberry (Liv) would say, “superb”, and I could almost image Moore saying it herself.

The Freckleface Strawberry Dreamtime Playtime app is now available at the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini for $2.99. I highly recommend trying it out to encourage early math skills for little ones. Plus, Julianne Moore called me on my cell phone…I mean, how cool is that???

Julianne Moore, Hollywood, star, celebrity
Julianne Moore and her family at her Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony
Image by Getty

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