Like I Needed Another Reason To Love Neimans

I made a new bestie last week. I know I love easily, but honestly, fashion designer Robert Rodriguez might just be my new favorite human being. And it’s not just because I’m trying to convince him to send me his stunning shearling car coat that looks almost perfect on me (just a reminder, in case he’s reading this, I’d like it in black please and you know my size, new love of my life!)

But besides shopping and getting styled by Robert Rodriguez himself, who actually creates the clothes I buy (silent freak out!!!), I also got a chance to party with him on the redesigned 3rd floor of Neimans’ which is now Cusp. It’s insanely cool with a boutique-yet-funky fashion-forward feel. The entire atmosphere is just so much fun, and young, and, well, contemporary!

I’ve had a love/less than love (I could never hate fashion) relationship with department store fashion over the last few years where I was just starting to feel like everything looked the same. I like a great black going out top the same as the next girl but lord knows I don’t need 50 of them–despite how my husband might describe my side of our walk-in.

However, Cusp is upping the style ante with their selection of interesting pieces which is what I’m into these days, namely from unique lines like Opening Ceremony, Carven, O’2nd (it’s new, it’s undeniably chic and you need to see it), L’Agence, and of course, my new main man Robert Rodriguez.

They also carry the best of the best from some of my favorites like Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, 10 Crosby Derek Lam, Skaist Taylor, ALC, and Rag & Bone. Some of my personal highlights–but I’d prefer if you don’t share my shopping excursions with my husband–include leather leggings from J Brand, suede leggings by Vince, a black halter turtleneck tank from ALC, a lipstick red wool blazer by O’2nd, a blush wool and chiffon top by O’2nd, and a few pieces from Robert Rodriguez.

Here’s the deal: I love Neimans. I think every girl has a department store that she gravitates towards and Neimans is mine. It’s probably because my mom worked there for years so I got everything from Louboutins to deodorant there for a big chunk of my life. And although it’s been years and years since she’s worked there, much to my husband’s dismay, I remain an extremely loyal customer. And I still buy my deodorant there.

I can tell you where the best Neiman Marcus stores are all over the country–I have a top 5 list. I know what brands they carry and who they don’t. I know who to call at Neimans when your mom gives you her fur coat that’s way too Dynasty to actually wear out but could be something fabulous if only it was refurbished. And I know that you don’t have to only pay with cash, your Neimans card, or American Express anymore (Welcome to Neimans, Visa and MasterCard. Thank you, fluctuating economy!)

I just love Neimans that much. It’s a problem, I’m sure, but if loving Neiman’s is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Click on the gallery above for photos from the Robert Rodriguez party at Neiman Marcus for Cusp!

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