Hello, My Name Is Some People

SATC, Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, computer, Apple
When was the last time you backed up your work? I don’t do that. You don’t back up? No.

You know how they say, “Some people never learn?” Well, they must be talking about me. Because after watching–or should I say pouring–over countless hours of Sex and the City episodes, seems some episodes simply didn’t register with me. Sadly, despite the fact that I can recite almost every line from every season of the show, I never learned one lesson.

I didn’t back up.

My computer shut down on me on last night and refused to restart (as Taps gently plays in the background…) so I scheduled an appointment today to bring my “sad Mac” to the Apple store for a little TLC. It was like a page out of the script for the episode, My Motherboard, My Self. I sat down with the Apple tech dude and upon finishing up my description of the main problem, he asked, “When was the last time you backed up?”

Now, the Carrie in me SO desperately wanted to asked when the last time he watched SATC was and if his girlfriend made him do it or if he was actually a fan–or worse, if this was a common conversation and did every girl who came into the store look at him with the same can-we-please-run-the-lines-from-the-scene-look I had on my face? Instead, I said exactly what I was thinking. “How do you do that?”

After laughing (oh, really sir, do you know how to swaddle a newborn?!!!) and explaining, he casually mentioned the only solution to getting my nearly brand new laptop to ever turn back on would be to wipe it clean.

Ok. Wait, what? Like, clean. Wait, what??

He semi-chuckled with a smile on his face and said that he’d have to clear my laptop, meaning he’d wipe off anything that wasn’t there when I first purchased it. Basically anything I had added since the first day–which for me means about 150 articles. I took a deep breath.

Ok, let’s do it. It’s not like he was telling me my kids had lice. No. That was yesterday.

He chuckled once again and said, “Hopefully you have all of your photos on your camera.”

All of the sudden, I thought I was going to burst into tears in the middle of the Apple store in Lincoln Park. Every picture of my kids being born, first birthdays, first Chanukahs, first trips to American Girl, family trips, outings on the boat, silly faces, first steps–every video, every photo, gone forever. And here’s this 20-something punk with those super huge holes in his ears, smiling like a fool, totally not understanding that what he’s potentially erasing is my entire sweet family’s short history.

As I gathered myself together, hiding the first signs of tears and red nose that I get when I’m about to lose it, I realized, that just like Carrie and the gang, I too would have a happy ending.

My old computer was sitting at home with everything but the last 6 months of photos on it and because I’ve been such a slacker recently and mainly used my iPhone to take pics anyway, all was not lost, despite the Apple dude’s best efforts to delete and reboot the Aarons!

“That night, I started wondering, was I the only person who had no idea how to back up their computer? And why the hell am I spending all that time downloading my pictures on Shutterfly…Oh, wait! They’re on Shutterfly!!!!”

God, I’m dumb.

4 thoughts on “Hello, My Name Is Some People

  1. You may not be alone but I am constantly worried about backing my life up. Some nights I think about the worst case scenario ie if the house burnt down what would happen to my pictures? After all I’d have to save the kids first. So here’s the solution. Off site backup called carbonite. Backs up for you to a cloud and well worth the piece of mind. Check it out.

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