We’re SO Normal!


I’m feeling pretty lucky.

Despite getting two of the coolest jobs* recently, I currently have a little time off, so I’m enjoying the summer with my family—hanging with my kids, having date nights with my husband, and even—I can’t believe I’m saying this—working out! Yes, I started moving my ass and now I’m one of those people who only wants to talk about how many calories I’ve burned because I’m so in awe of myself and obviously you should be too. It’s basically like childbirth—no one ever did it before me.

But all of my poor humor aside, my family is having a major first this summer. We’re actually getting to have a first “normal” summer and it’s beyond thrilling for me. As I’ve mentioned in the past, our son has a speech condition that, despite his incredible upbeat personality and confidence, pulls on my heartstrings daily.

Instead of soccer practice, playdates and day camp, until this summer, we pretty much had to take a pass on most of that. While his friends were taking their first steps onto the bus last summer to go off to camp, our schedule was based around speech therapy sessions.

So when I tell you that this summer my son is going to day camp, where he’s the first one to jump into the swimming pool for lessons, loves eating popsicles at the end of the day before getting picked up, and gets to have pick up and drop off playdates, take classes, you’re probably like, “Yeah, so what?” But it’s just all so normal…and seriously amazing!

I know, I’m not supposed to say normal because what’s normal? Well, I’m going to be the asshole who says that I think normal is a little boy who gets to go to camp, play with his friends, ride a bike, get messy and not spend his whole summer going in and out of therapists’ offices, hospitals, doctor offices, or stay home waiting for the next therapist to come over.

So normally, I’d be a little more PC, and use terms like neuro-typical but I’m trying to chill out. After all, it’s summer!


*On a much lighter note, check out what I’ve been up to on People and Elizabeth Street!

One thought on “We’re SO Normal!

  1. Awesome, Jo. Great news :). That first “normal” schedule is amazing and wonderful. Enjoy every second!! xo

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