I Heart Elizabeth Street!

Turns out, even though I don my favorite pair of sweats pretty often, Elizabeth Street thinks I’m cool! And stylish to boot! Man, have I got people fooled or what???!

If you don’t know what Elizabeth Street is, it’s a gorgeous site for moms that profiles some of “the world’s most fashionable cities” which have included New York, London, Paris, LA and Milan. Thanks to the stylish ladies who lunch, parent, work, and do just about everything else in our fair city, Chicago was recently added to the list. I feel fortunate to join some of the very coolest Chicago moms I know on the site. Plus, my picture is on the same page as Giuliana Rancic’s and I’m pretty sure this is the closest I’ll ever get to being able to say we run in the same circle, so I’m extra psyched!

I’m actually a longtime Elizabeth Street fan so I was thrilled when I was asked to be profiled. I came across it back in the days when I was trying to put together a website for moms that would profile women from all over the country who would share their “favorite” lists…you know, their favorite stroller, favorite diaper bag, favorite place to eat with kids, etc. I bothered me so much during my first pregnancy that I couldn’t find product/clothing/lifestyle advice from moms I could relate to online. Instead of knowing what I really needed, I spent a gazillion dollars on 7 different strollers, 5 of which I didn’t need. Yes, you read that correctly—we’ve had 7 strollers and only 2 kids.

Consider this example: During one inexperienced web search, I decided I needed to have this one particular folding stroller that I could take on the subway because what if I became the mom who was also eco-chic and started taking the El everywhere? I had to have THE right stroller. And anyway, the parents in the ad for it looked so hip and cool, I couldn’t wait to be like them.

Flash forward to my reality: I drive everywhere. I’ve been on the El once with my kids and I couldn’t even bring the stupid stroller I bought in an effort to look like that hip urban mama because the seat broke the second time we used the damn thing. Oh yeah, and I ended up being too lazy busy to actually create my “relatable moms” website, so thank g-d for Elizabeth Street.

Another bonus? Elizabeth Street is a great place to find style advice from moms like Jessica Seinfeld, Rosie Pope, Busy Phillips, and Rachel Zoe who are super glam, but, with the exception of maybe Zoe, all probably have a pair of favorite sweats just like me–even if it goes unmentioned.

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