A Few Thoughts…


I learned a lot last year. A few highlights include:

  • My kids are smarter and cooler than me and they’re 3 and 4-years old.
  • Old friends are awesome.
  • New friends can be just as awesome as the old ones who know you really well.
  • It’s OK to say “no” sometimes. Especially when it comes to volunteering or hosting. Most people won’t think you’re a stuck-up, self-indulgent snot. Some will. Oh well.
  • Just because the first season of American Horror Story was amazing, doesn’t mean that I have to love the second season, which is good, because I don’t.
  • It’s fine to be in love with a serial killer, a terrorist, or a zombie, as long as you aren’t married to one. (As in Dexter, Homeland, and The Walking Dead.)
  • Most people think they are classy. Most of them aren’t. I learned that from the housewives on Bravo.
  • A famous pregnant woman is much more important than a regular pregnant one. Us Weekly and People taught me that. And babies of celebrities actually can have stylists. Even if it was a joke on Friends over a decade ago.
  • Fat celebrities who can’t shut up about how much they love their curves, who then go on diets and say they didn’t love being fat, aren’t consider liars, but role models.
  • If I cough, sneeze or jump, there’s a 99% chance that I’ll pee a little. Alas, I still adore my kids. Even if it’s all their fault.
  • My daughter danced naked in front of a party of adults and kids on NYE. It was a 5 minute choreographed routine performed in the nude, with the exception of a New Year’s top hat. My husband was horrified. I was in heaven. My son followed up with his version of a breakdance. What did I learn? I seriously love my family.

So what did you learn last year? And by the way…happy 2013!

One thought on “A Few Thoughts…

  1. I wish I’d seen your children’s performances. They must have been awesome. I wish you a very happy and healthy NY. I love you. Mom

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