A 2008 Flashback

Obama, election, President, 4 more years
He’s Back!

4 years ago, my husband and I sat up in bed, glued to the TV, waiting for whatever network we were watching to announce the winner of the 2008 election. I remember saying to my husband that it was so stupid of us not to go down to see Obama that night. It was historical in a way that no other election in my lifetime would ever be.

Back then, I had a blog that I basically used to share pics of my first born, but the day after the election, I couldn’t help but to write the following…flashback with me, won’t you…

The air smells cleaner; today is perfection; Mr. Pres-elect is a cutie…just a few of the things my friends have written on Facebook today.

And right now, in the background, I can hear Oprah’s famous whooping on her “Presidential Party” show that I actually convinced my husband to Tivo. Most of my friends, family, Oprah and Hollywood are as thrilled today as I am that President Obama and his beautiful, young family will be moving into the White House. Furthermore, the Dems have taken back the majority control of the government which is another win for “our” side.

Now, I’m not a political mind…I know the main issues, players, etc. but I will not pretend that I am as well-read as I would have liked to be going to the polling station at the school behind my house yesterday. I’m guessing that a lot of people I know are the same way, but I believe we have one thing in common as American voters-we want change. We know that how we are currently living in this country is not working and we’re terrified.

So although I celebrated at home last night as the news stations announced Obama’s victory, I was also a little nervous. I worried about the expectations the country has of this president. We need change immediately, but it’s not realistic for everything to be fixed at once. I think what we probably need to do is think of Obama as Spider Man. As the story goes, Peter Parker wakes up one day with super powers but instead of going and fighting crime right away, he takes a little time to hone his skills, and before long, he’s catching thieves in his web. I hope the American people, Republicans and Democrats, will allow President Obama to learn to scale walls before expecting him to swing from buildings.

I’ll admit 2 things:

#1. I am a comic book nerd (clearly).

#2. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I went to vote yesterday.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t re-read what I wrote in 2008 and taken my own advice. I was one of those who hoped that Obama would be more of a Superman rather than a Spidey, and change everything in 4 years. But that didn’t happen. It couldn’t.

Fortunately, in the end, I decided to give him 4 more years to perfect that whole swinging from buildings thing.

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