Katie Couric, Martha Stewart and Other SEO

I blog, therefore I am…a BlogHer!

I went to my first blogging conference last week. Yes folks, I am official.

I might have “only been doing it for fun” before last weekend, but now, I’m a real-life, big girl mommy blogger. And I have 3000 swag gifts from cool companies to prove it.

This is what I learned at BlogHer ’12:

My voice counts. Apparently, my parents readers aren’t the only people who care what I have to say up here. Doesn’t matter how many people are reading my blog (although I promise future advertisers, I have plenty to share with ya). I have a catchy URL so Trojan will give me a free triple head vibrator in exchange for some mom-related data, ie. a sex survey.

I’m part of a strong community of smart and powerful females. This isn’t anything new to me-I’ve always been around smart and powerful ladies. After all, no one is going to f with me and my mommy friends. We drive huge cars and dress in black workout clothes, so we always look ready to throw down even if the closest we’ve come to an actual fight is watching one on the Real Housewives. But now I’m a part of a community of women who take their pain, humor, free time and intelligence to the internet and share their lives through their writing. As far as businesses are concerned, we’re the man! Companies look to parent bloggers to share their product and services through blog contests, giveaways and share opportunities, because they know their consumers are reading what we’re writing. And that’s a good thing. Speaking of…

Celebrities like Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, and Christy Turlington care about bloggers and blogging. Or at least they seem to as each of these dynamic, successful role models took time out of their I-don’t-know-how-she-does-it-schedules to come speak to a conference full of female bloggers. They commended us on our work and explained how we fit into their worlds. Each was inspiring in her own way. Each was enthusiastic about our work. Oh yeah, and President Obama spoke too. Apparently, the most influential human being in the world thinks that bloggers are important enough to address personally. Not that that’s a huge, big, enormous deal or anything. We get that kind of reassurance that our writing is important everyday.

You’re never too old boring or scared to make new friends. Going to a conference with 3999 other writers as a newbie can be a little intimidating, even for an extrovert like myself. I feel so lucky to have been able to meet as many amazing women as I could as well as run into a few old bloggy friends. The crowd was as diverse as could be, but we all have writing in common, and that bonds us as sisters (as well as a handful of brothers).

I actually like learning. I was a little nervous about attending an educational conference. Let’s face it, it’s been a couple years since I sat in a lecture and took notes (yeah, just a couple). But if I was going to spend the money and leave my family for 4 days, I was going to have to take advantage of everything BlogHer had to offer. Once I read through the session descriptions, I realized, I needed to be there more than I could have anticipated. Turns out, I actually want to learn how code. I jumped at the opportunity to learn how to use social media to network my blog. I was excited to hear about the latest and greatest in SEO. Who am I and what have I done with the girl who didn’t own a computer until 2000? Yeah, I’m still trying to figure that out, but I can tell you one thing…instead of reading the next Shopaholic book in the series on my kid-free flights from Chicago to NY and back, I burned through a how-to book on WordPress.

Yep, I’m THAT girl now!

Check out photos from my weekend of fun and learning and fun learning!

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2 thoughts on “Katie Couric, Martha Stewart and Other SEO

  1. “I can cast a spell,
    Of secrets you can tell,
    Mix a special brew,
    Put fire inside of you.
    Anytime you feel danger or fear,
    Then instantly
    I will appear ’cause … ”

    You are every woman and SO SO much more.
    J’adore your dirt and J’adore you!

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