Is It August Yet?

Sure, Natalie Portman, it’s all fun and games until someone gets lice.

I’m not one to write about religion. For one, it’s not my style to push my beliefs on anyone with the exception of beauty products and fashion advice, and two, I’m pretty sure the Jewish religion (which is what I practice) doesn’t want me as its poster child. But today, I have to get Jew-y with it because I’m having a total Passover moment. No, not a moment. I think I’m having a Passover month. Let me explain.

When Jewish people observe the Passover holiday, we pray from a book called a haggadah. In one of the haggadah readings, we recite the hebrew word “dayenu” which means “it would have been enough for us”. So let me connect the dots for you between Passover and my current life with my own personal prayer:

*If my son only had to have his tonsils out and not had to miss 2 out of 3 weeks of summer camp, dayenu.

*If only one of my kids had brought home lice instead of the whole family getting it during my son’s recovery, dayenu.

*If I only had to wash everything in my house due to said lice and my washing machine hadn’t broken down on me, dayenu.

*If my washing machine had broken and my water heater had not exploded all over our utility room causing a flood, dayenu.

Now for those of you who have sat through decades and decades of Seder dinners, you’ll be able to point out that not only is my family in a state of “dayenu” but we’ve also had the pleasure of experiencing a real life Passover plague! How lucky are WE???

So there you have it. All of my complaints in one post!

And yes, I know, I know, if all of this is the worst that happens to my sweet family this summer, then, well, DAYENU! But sometimes, it’s hard to see the light through the lice*.

*BTW, if you do get lice, you might want to check out the Hair Fairies ( Hair Fairies is a salon that specializes in delousing hair for people of all ages. It’s a national company, so check out their site for locations near you. They were amazing, helpful and sympathetic during my 24-hour freak out which ended with a clean bill of hair for my family of 4.

2 thoughts on “Is It August Yet?

  1. I’m itching now 😉
    I’ve heard of a woman out here (aptly named “the lice lady”) that will not only take care of the deloucing of heads in your family, but totally run the show deloucing your home. Glad that’s all behind you! So fun seeing you in Chicago XO

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