Harrison Ford Went to Claire’s, Just Like Me!

Happy Birthday Handsome!
20th Century Fox, Paramount

This is a post for my son.

Dear Son, light of my life, I am just trying to be a good mommy when I say this…please don’t get an earring. Ever. Just don’t. Because most men don’t look good with earrings.

They do, however, look like confused little junior high teens or like they are experiencing a mid-life crisis. And sadly for me, Harrison Ford falls into that crisis category.

Now, he’s totally dreamy, so if he can’t pull of an earring, no man can.

So boys, please take note: unless you are a dead ringer for Harrison Ford, or an actor who scoops up hyper-masculine roles like Han Solo, Jack Ryan, or Indiana Jones, skip the piercing.

Because there is only one Professor Jones, and regardless of the silly earring, to me, Harrison Ford will always be a stud with a stud.

No matter how much I hate it.

Read how the piercing all went down…at Claire’s!!!

Why Harrison Ford pierced his ear | Movie Talk – Yahoo! Movies.

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