Stop Reinventing the Wheel

I think Tia and Tamera are adorable. I said it. I watched Sister, Sister from time to time and I actually like their reality show, Tia & Tamera, on the Style Network. They’re both cute, they’re honest but not in a mean Kardashian way, and they can make fun of themselves in a silly way. I like ’em and I’m not apologizing for it.

So of course, when I was checking out People’s site and ran across this new mommy-to-be post, I clicked. After all, the headline was intriguing…

Tamera Mowry-Housley’s Blog: How I Found Out I Was Pregnant!

I was going to be really pissed (pun intended) if all she did was pee on a stick-it’s not exactly groundbreaking stuff. But that crafty headline made it sound like maybe she heard someone singing the catchy theme song from Sister, Sister (imagine me singing this) and realized that it was coming from her belly!


Apparently, even celebrities just pee on a stick to find out if they’re knocked up. That’s all Tamera did. The great mystery’s solved!

I remember being so excited to take those stick tests. I even took two home tests after the doctor called me to tell me I was preggers because I felt that my others that had come out negative (it was too early) had ripped me off from being able to see it for myself for the first time. My husband thought I was nuts because each time I’d show him the stick…he was like, “yeah, babe, I know”. But he’s a man, he doesn’t get that most surprises women get in the bathroom are bad ones (ie. stepping on a scale, getting a period, finding the first signs of aging in the mirror, etc.)

Anyway, getting back to T&T, since I can’t blame cutie-Tamera for smart, yet deceitful editing/marketing, a very hardy mazel on your budding baby and I look forward to reading all about the unique way you’re water breaks!

PS: While searching for some info on Tia and Tamera to add to this post, I came across this. It’s a little too much sisterly love for me…

Tia&Tamera: Tamera Drinks Tia’s Breast Milk

As my kids would say, eeeewwww! Gross!!!

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