Sworn to Pump and Protect

Photo: Brynja Sigurdardottir
Source: Yahoo! Shine

Like day-old milk left out on the counter, this whole breastfeeding/attachment parenting controversy stinks.

I can’t be the only one who is sick of the topic being kicked around in the media as if moms who breastfeed in public or nurse kids of a certain age are equivalent to really disgusting people like porn stars or Sarah Palin.

After all, we live in a country that allows for personal preference (hence my Palin comment), including whether or not we want to feed our kids from bottles or boobs. And since I have played both sides, and this is my blog, I think I’m entitled to an opinion.

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with nursing as I was unable to get it down with my first child but semi-mastered it after a few weeks with my second. That being said, while I was never comfortable with breastfeeding in public, I DO choose to let my son pee on trees in the park because we’re potty training, so I say, live and let live.  

That’s why I was mortified to see this article on Yahoo! Shine about the tizzy that was created over a photo of two moms nursing infants in their military uniforms. Regardless of your stance, breastfeeding is natural and basically instinctual. And more power to the moms who do it while working! I can’t imagine what it would have been like to breastfeed my child if I was expected to change out of my clothes every few hours so as to not upset those (terribly small-minded jerks) who think that soldiers should only wear their uniforms to kill, not to nurture. 

So to those that don’t approve of moms who nurse it in their military uniforms, I hope to g-d that you’re in the military yourself. I’ll admit, I love our country, but I most likely will never fight for it. So as a civilian, I say eat, nurse and be merry. Ladies of the front lines, please do feel free to nurse, since you’re the ones fighting for my personal freedom, and thanks a ton for keeping me safe. I’ll go a step further and say to the doctors who save lives, don’t hesitate to breastfeed in your scrubs and the scientists who attempt to cure cancer, nurse your baby…go ahead, nurse 3 babies, in your sparkling white lab coat. You’ve got worse things to worry about than what people will say when you whip your boobies out to feed your child.

If there’s any problem with this photo it’s that the one mom is nursing two babies at once and making it look really easy. Girl, you’re just showing off!

One thought on “Sworn to Pump and Protect

  1. She is a stud! I can barely handle my single toddler. I love that you’ve been there on both sides and share your perspectives from both – not judgmental but very honest and real.

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