Lisa Loeb and the Nine Months…

I’ve adored Lisa Loeb and her hipster glasses beginning in 1994 with her earworm/hit song “Stay”.

I religiously watched her look for Mr. Right on her entertaining reality show, Number 1 Single, which she shot long before every single celeb in the world jumped on board the reality show train.

And I was over the moon when I had my first child and realized that cool singers like her made kid-AND-parent-friendly music so I wouldn’t ONLY have to listen to Elmo sing about himself all the time (narcissistic little monster).

Lisa Loeb is happening for so many reasons, and now she happens to be sharing her thoughts on her pregnancy in a personal blog on

LL’s about to welcome baby #2 and she’s doing it up, pampering herself, like a good knocked-up mommy should, from head to toe, and eating right to keep her little one on the inside healthy and so she doesn’t end up looking like, well, like me after my baby #2.

Lisa’s getting prenatal massages and sticking to all sorts of healthy yummy stuff, plus she’s a cheese lover, so clearly we’re soul sisters! Read on…

Lisa Loeb’s Blog: Getting Through the Final Month – Moms & Babies – Moms & Babies –

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