Things are getting hairy for Bill Rancic!

photo credit: Peter Yang
Is it possible that Bill Rancic learned a little more from Donald Trump then he anticipated? Seems the Don shared his #1 secret to success-a ridiculous head of hair.

So after years of searching for a good lookin’ celeb with a thinning coif to speak out for the follicly-challenged, Rogaine has tapped Bill Rancic as its spokesperson.

But that’s not all!

As a Chicagoan myself, I’m thrilled to announce that my kids will have the opportunity to potentially make friends with baby Rancic at the playground. According to his interview with Wetpaint, Rancic says, “We’re never going to cut our ties with Chicago. That’s home and that’s where the kids will go to school.”

Bill and Giuliana’s luck seems to have changed for the better, after a heartbreaking miscarriage and a terrifying diagnosis of breast cancer. Seems B&G are taking life by the horns, as they should…so much so that Bill has admitted in a published report via Radar Online that baby #2 is already in the works even though big bro/sis Rancic hasn’t even arrived yet!

It’s bold, it’s beautiful and from what I hear from my favorite little birdie about Bill, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

For more Bill and Giuliana dirt, read on…

Bill Rancic Is the New Spokesman For Rogaine! Talks Thinning Hair, the Sex of the Baby, and More — Exclusive –

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