Date him, Don’t BE him

Kim Kardashian and Kanye are going steady but you already knew that because, like me, you take a hit of TMZ every once again (don’t worry, I won’t tell) and in your mind, US Weekly keeps you just current with US events as US World & News Report. Do you think that Kim’s publicist keeps a list of famous men whose names begin with K and just starts cold calling when she needs a new guy?

Well, regardless of the process, they’re an item. Want some Kardashian dirt?

Turns out Kanye is ’bout to be keeping up with the first family of E! Entertainment. Kim announced that her new beau will be making appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

According to Yahoo! TV, Kim says, “I want to show my life. If we are having dinner and he does show up, I’m sure we’re not going to go, ‘Stop the cameras!'” She goes on to say that she won’t be following in her sister Khloe’s footsteps, taking on-air bubble baths or hanging out in sex swings. (After all, acting sexy for your husband in a bathtub is NOT lady-like behavior, right Kim? Wait, what was the title of your porno?)

Anyway, I’d question why Kanye would be interested in getting on-camera with the K’s, but then again, he seems crazy, and not in the good way, so he might as well get his reality show stardom on. You go Kanye. Get some IMDb television credits under your belt.

In the meantime, Kim seems to be taking a turn for the worst when it comes to her clothing. Kim, how I do applaud you for some of your past fashion risks. The bandage dress makes you look like a goddess (the first time, before you beat it to death). Fashion is fun and you clearly enjoy playing dress up. Good for you. But honey, you are curvy, you are really pretty and you’re the female in the relationship. So don’t start dressing like your boyfriend.

You look crazy, and like your boyfriend, not in a good way.  

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