Let’s Talk About It

As a parent of a child with a speech delay, you miss out on certain milestones that other parents take for granted. Moms and dads expect to hear their kid’s first word, the first accidental swear, the first totally incomprehensible, yet completely adorable, knock-knock joke. But there are a small percentage of us who don’t have that luxury for a long time.

Please do not feel bad for us. I always say, everyone has their shit, and hopefully this is ours because my kid will grow out of it and in a few years, you’ll never know that it took him 3 years to say an approximation of “I love you”. As it stands, he’s made incredible progress this year and he’s talking really, really well. But it’s been an experience that we never thought we’d have to go through…and truthfully, I can’t wait for it to be over.

In the meantime, our second child started talking at a freakishly early age and basically went from uttering “mama” to “Um, Mom, I need to go to the park right now”. So now we have two talkers in the house. But my daughter isn’t just a talker. She’s a little girl who talks like a teenager who just got her first telephone. Or, I guess these days, her first cell.

It never stops. It doesn’t always make sense. I LOVE IT!

For most parents, especially our friends with more than one kid, I probably seem like a one of “thoooose” new moms. You know, the ones that act like they discovered childbirth and no other baby was ever born before theirs came out. These are the moms who spend most of their time telling incredibly interesting stories about the color of their kid’s poop or share every detail, down to voice imitation, of the cutest thing their child said in the bath last night.

Well, sorry ladies, but that’s me.

My kids are talking and I’m telling everyone. So you might want to watch it if you ask me how the kids are…I’ll definitely tell you.

What’s the funniest thing your kid has ever said? Share yours and I’ll share mine…we can be annoyingly proud together!

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