Apparently, Being a Mom is Really Profitable

And all the while, I thought she was just eating her way through her pregnancy. Guess I was wrong. Apparently, in between mini-meals of buttered Pop Tarts and blue box mac-n-cheese, Jessica Simpson was also in talks to add a new division to her gazillion dollar fashion empire.

About 2 minutes after becoming a mother, Jess announced the birth of her new maternity clothing line. Jessica Simpson Maternity will be available in the fall at Destination Maternity. Simpson says her clothes will attempt to be “flattering to your baby bump”, and “will be aimed at the modern mom-to-be who wants to keep her fashion edge”.

And just how is JS keeping baby bumps fresh and modern? With a hint of a super-original 70’s vibe. Wow. 70’s. That IS modern. And it’s smart to boot because what pregnant fashion lover doesn’t want to be dressed as a disco ball or in groovy prints that make her look like a double wide? Sounds divine!

Again, I realize that Jessica has made a gagillion dollars (yeah, I’m going gagillion this time) from her fashion lines and that NBC’s Fashion Star actually named the Singer?/Actress?/Designer?/Just a Famous Person? a fashion show judge, but just because you get freebees from every designer on the planet, hire a stylist and you lend your name to a clothing line does not a fashionista make!

I can pretty much promise you that Jess has never sat behind a sewing machine, nor will she take breaks from diaper duty to sketch a new Spring line, but today, my mommy friends, Jessica is the newest thing in knocked-up clothing. Poof. Just like that.

So tell me please, is Jessica’s maternity style hot or not?

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