A Real Hot Mama!

Take her (like I did on most of her first season of the Real Housewives of NY and because of our similar taste in candy) or leave her (like I wanted to when she did that “I’m up here and you’re down here” thing to Bethenny in public), Kelly Killoren Bensimon is one HOT mama!

Honestly, if I looked like her, I’m not sure I’d own clothes. I’d be naked all of the time and I’d simply tell people to enjoy the view. She’s worked hard on her body and deserves the results. As she’s shown on TV, Kelly loves to be active and when it comes to her diet, she’s all about moderation and balance. It’s a philosophy I appreciate, but don’t always have the discipline to practice. So despite the fact that we have the same number of children, I’m certain we don’t share the same number on the scale.

Thankfully, Kelly is ready to help me morph into the supermodel I was born to be-or as close to it a girl of 5’3 with a thyroid condition can become-with her new book, I Can Make You Hot: The Supermodel Diet

According to Kells, the book “is like rooming with a supermodel and going on a diet together”. The only downside I see here is that we don’t get to start with the same supermodel height and weight stats, but there’s nothing anyone, even the most super-est of models, can do about that.

Besides being an author, reality TV star, and philanthropist, Kelly Killoren Bensimon is also single mother of 2 who just makes her life work. She prides herself on having a strong relationship with her kids, a dynamic career, and the ability to keep her family and her work as separate as possible.

I spoke to Kelly about what it’s like being a hot mama who’s constantly in the public eye, on the road, and working her butt off…all while bringing up 2 girls on her own.

DFTP: If you knew me, you’d know I’m angling for a shot as a RHOC if Andy ever gets around to the Windy City. So from one mommy to another, what was it like shooting a TV show? And now, while you’re on your book tour, how do you balance your time with your kids vs. your fast-paced your career?

KKB: It was really difficult filming such late hours being a single working mom. I filmed a lot on H (RHONY) and really had to leave work on the set and focus on my kids when I could. I need to work and my girls understand that. (When I tour) the girls will call me on their way to school and sometimes my daughter practices her piano with me on the phone. When I’m with my kids, I am with my kids. I don’t mix work and my girls. They are my legacy!

DFTP: There are many celebs that should probably consider doing the same (I won’t name names). But as parents, try as we might, we can’t shield our children from everything. So how does the media attention affect your kids? Do you talk about the gossip, positive or negative, with them? 

KKB: My girls recognize how the media world works. I worked as a journalist, so we talk about sensationalism and how to create good stories and talking points all of the time. I think it would be different if their mom wasn’t a journalist.

DFTP: It’s great that your kids can benefit from your work experience. There’s something to be said about knowing what goes on behind the scenes before you become the talent yourself. You’ve done so much with your career but what’s next? Give me some dirt on what’s up next for Kelly Killoren Bensimon? 

KKB: My future is open to possibilities. I think that’s why women are interested in me-I take leaps of faith, and I’m always open. My formal education gave me the luxury to take chances. What’s next? We’ll see…

Well, it’s not as dirty as I’d like, but you have to respect a mom who can keep a secret. Bravo, Kelly Killoren Bensimon! Bravo! (That’s sincere…not meant to be snide, I swear!)

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