It’s MY day and I’ll eat where I want to.

I’m going on my 5th Mother’s Day and this year, I just want to do one thing. This year, I want to pick where we eat!!! I don’t think it’s a huge request, but every year, my family ends up doing whatever my MIL wants to do in the morning and whatever my mom wants to do in the afternoon/evening.

I always say that I’m so lucky to have everyone nearby that I’ve been happy to give up the day for 2 other mothers, but after a year of the terrible two’s, potty training, hosting millions of playdates at my house, and spending about 2-3 hours in the car everyday driving back and forth to school, I believe I’ve earned my Mother’s Day!

I mean, giving birth was one thing, but navigating city traffic…now that’s something to be rewarded!

Fortunately, my favorite date night reservation site, OpenTable¬†understands my cause. This site gets that I just want to pick a nice restaurant with food I want (rather than worrying about if they make Mickey Mouse pancakes), that has the ambiance that I want (please no sports on televisions splashed all over the room) and doesn’t include cafeteria trays (sorry Michael’s-I love you but not on MY day).

“Mother’s Day has always been one of the biggest dining holidays of the year-and with good reason,” says Caroline Potter, Chief Dining Officer of OpenTable (gotta love that title). “Being a mother is one of the most important jobs in the world, and there’s no better way to acknowledge her hard work than with a fabulous, fun meal-or two-at a restaurant.” Hey, dudes out there that think it’s just another day, listen up!

According to OpenTable, this Mother’s Day, 65% of mommies will take ahold of the reservations reins to make plans for her big day. And although that means that approximately 65% of all dads/partners/significant others will NOT have to lift a finger, most mommies would prefer it that way.

After all, Mother’s Day should be lady’s choice!

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